JINA’s History


JINA is an organization of altering what is possible for students.

JINA’s History

JINA derived from the Sanskrit Language and means “knowledge”, “to know” or “be aware of”.

Unique in the field of education, JINA is also recognized as the leader in the field of student counseling with more than 10,000 students having participated in their sessions each year across the country.

Powerful and practical, the combination of both JINA’s programs and its leaders allow students to cause lasting breakthroughs in their performance, communication and overall confidence in life. In fact, more than 94% of program participants surveyed say JINA’s programs made a profound and lasting difference in their CBSE results. And their program leaders are widely recognized for their excellence. According to survey’s definitive report from the student, JINA has one of the best faculties and counselors in the field of education.

In September 2014, a group of highly committed individuals, who had a commitment to making a profound and lasting difference for students, established a new company called JINA. The enterprise they formed is today the top provider of Counseling and Training programs across the country.